White papers and helpful articles

We are taking advantage of our experience and contacts in various areas of printing and bookselling to produce a series of white papers and articles which we believe will be helpful to our customers. Links are to PDF files which you can open or download (usually by right clicking on the ‘Click here’ link).

The Environment

As we all become increasingly aware of our responsibility to protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions and tackle global warming, the printing industry is coming under increasing scrutiny. This white paper has been produced to provide basic information to help customers understand the issues involved so they can make informed choices.

Printing is a mechanical task that involves many factors including the equipment used to print, the ink or toner used, the substrate on which the job is printed, whether water is used in the process, cleaning up afterwards, packing and transport. This paper looks at several of these elements. Click here to view or download The Environment white paper.

Printing and publishing your own short run book

Andew Hingeley of Kainos Print has just written a brief white paper on short run book publishing. It asks whether or not you have a book in you (and suggests that you probably do), economical book formats, paper choices, what software to use, basic book conventions to follow, useful material on ISBN numbers and Cataloguing in Publication data, setting a selling price, and promoting your book. Click here to open the white paper on printing and publishing your own short run book in PDF format.

Promoting your self-published book

One of our customers, Tim Quirey, has done an exceptional job promoting a book he published and which we printed last year. We spoke to Tim and asked him to distil his experiences for the benefit of others who have published their own books, or who are considering doing so. Click here to open the white paper on promoting your self-published book in PDF format.

An article by Ian Irvine, author of the best-selling Runcible Jones children’s books

The paper could be entitled ‘Everything an author needs to know before approaching a publisher . . . ’

The biggest problem for beginning fiction writers is that no one tells you how the system works. Becoming an author, and even a successful one, is therefore a series of shocks as your assumptions are punctured one by one. So here, distilled from Ian’s experiences with a dozen publishers all over the world, and conversations with many professional writers over the years, is the truth about fiction publishing. Well, popular fiction anyway – the stuff that sells. Click here to download the white paper on everything an author needs to know before approaching a publisher in PDF format.

Producing your own calendar for promotional, fund raising and gift purposes

Andrew has also written a white paper on producing your own calendar. A well designed calendar which follows a few basic rules is an  unbeatable promotional or fund raising tool. Your message is in front of the calendar user potentially every day of the year. Kainos Print makes it easy for you to produce a quality calendar. If you have the time, by all means do all the work yourself. If you don’t have the time, then let us do the work for you. Because we use both digital and offset presses, we can print in quantities from ten to tens of thousands. Click here to download the white paper on producing your own calendar in PDF format.

Digital Printing White Paper

Andrew Hingeley has written an extensive white paper on digital printing, outlining the history of digital printing, the main manufacturers in the field of digital printing and explaining the technology behind digital printing, and how it differs from the dominant technology, conventional offset printing. The white paper explains the advantages and disadvantages and limitations of both technologies. It details those jobs that are ideal for digital printing, and finishes by seeking to peer into the future” to see where offset and digital technology might be going. Click here to download an illustrated PDF version of the digital printing white paper, or click here to view a non-illustrated version of the digital printing white paper online.