Presentation Folder Printing

Kainos Print offers presentation folders in quantities from 25 to 5000

Our presentation folders are printed in full colour on glossy card material. We print them and cut them to the right shape and score them where they will be folded to make folding easy and accurate. We supply them to you flat for you to fold.

Our presentation folders are designed to hold lots of documents, A4 or smaller, and have slits for a standard size business card (55x90mm).

Kainos Print’s presentation folders are printed on quality presses. They will give your organisation a professional appearance. They are ideal for use at conferences, and for any use where you need to present a collection of documents in an organised manner whilst professionally promoting your organisation.

Flexible option with variable data

We offer a flexible option up to 200 copies. Flexible option folders are available in 310gsm artboard.

We print in full colour on the front only, or front and back, on a sheet size of 310x432mm. We glue the die cut pocket onto the inside and fold. We can gloss or matt celloglaze on the front for folders printed on one side only, or on both sides for those printed on both sides. 

You have the flexibility of dispatch times as short as two days, the kind of proof you want (PDF or hard copy), and the ability to have a number of different designs for the price of the total order — for instance, you could have 25 each of four designs and pay for 100 folders.

We are now offering a variable data option option for our flexible option presentation folders. This means that you can have each folder printed differently. You might use this to print individual names on folders for a conference. Variable data is not limited to names — you can include different company logos for instance. Nor is variable data limited in the fonts you can use — use whatever font you like. We make a fixed charge for variable data, and we request that the data to be supplied in an Excel spreadsheet.

Volume option

Our volume option is for quantities of 500 and above. We offer two types of folders, both of which are the same price. The only difference is whether there is a 5mm gusset or not. The price is the same. Folders with a gusset will hold more documents, but they are more fiddly to fold.

Volume folders are produced on an offset press, and can be printed on one side or both sides, in full colour. We can supply them with gloss or matt lamination on one side only, or with no lamination. We offer a PDF proof. The ‘multiple designs for the price of the total’ is not available, and we dispatch no more than seven working days from when you sign off your proof. There are no urgency options. Our volume option offers outstanding value.

Volume folders are printed on 360gsm Artboard.

Something in-between

For quantities between 200 and 500, please click here to ask for a custom quote. The reason we go from 200 to 500 is because it is uneconomical to print over 200 copies digitally, or less than 500 copies offset. If you want a quantity that falls between these two stools, then let us know and we’ll work something out.

Place an Order

Interested in exploring further? Click here to go straight to the Document folder product page. You can choose the Flexible or Volume option, explore the various choices available, upload your files and place and pay for your order.

Design Template

Click here to view or download templates to guide you in designing your folders (for quantities of 500 or more).

Help and advice on putting your folder together

Kainos Print is committed to customer education. We realise that some of our customers are experts, but some are worried that their lack of knowledge and experience will mean their project won’t turn out they way they want. We have made a considerable range of resources available on our web site to help all our customers. Click here to access these resources. In particular, we have created a page specifically designed to help you prepare your files for successful, quality printing. Click here to access the ‘how to prepare your files’ page.

Can’t find what you want?

If you can’t find the product you want on our web site, click here to go to our custom quote request from where you can provide us with details and ask for a quote for any kind of printed product.

Design service

If all you want is your logo and contact detail on your folder, we will do that at no charge for you. If you need a more complex design, read on . . .

If you don’t have the time, the confidence, the ability or the software to design your own folders, Kainos Print offers a top flight design service. We use a highly experienced designer, Dragan Djuric, who has done a considerable amount of excellent design work over many years for Kainos Print staff members. You can see Dragan’s design portfolio for yourself by clicking here. Our design rates are extremely competitive, and our turnaround is extremely fast. You will find instructions for using our design service and indicative pricing when you visit Dragan’s portfolio page.