Security procedures

Kainos Print is able to produce security sensitive jobs where secrecy is important.

Kainos Print is based in Canberra. We are accustomed to high security government jobs and we take security very seriously. We have to — if we didn’t we would lose a large part of our business! Our procedures have been developed in conjunction with our clients.

Our procedures include the following.

All our printing, finishing and packaging occurs in a non-public area

  • Our printing, finishing and packaging areas are separate to our public areas, and
  • suppliers and customers do not have access to our printing, finishing and packaging areas.

Waste is shredded

  • We shred all waste on-site, or
  • for jobs that are excessively large, we place waste in a designated bin,
  • we have such waste shredded by an outside contractor,
  • that shedding is observed by one of our staff,
  • if required, we have access to SCEC endorsed High Security paper shredders to destroy sensitive material, and
  • if required, we we have access to a media destruction service.

Job samples

  • We normally keep a hard copy of your job in our archive so we have a proof to match in case we need to reprint the job, however
  • we don’t keep hard copy of security jobs.

Display samples

  • We normally keep several copies of your job to present as samples to other customers – something that is always done with your consent.
  • We don’t keep display samples of security jobs.

No electronic archives

  • We normally archive electronic copies of your job, however
  • we don’t keep electronic copies of security jobs.

Sign in and sign out

  • Whilst all our staff are free to enter and leave our premises at will, all other visitors to our printing, finishing and packaging areas (e.g. computer technicians) must sign in and sign out.
  • When high security jobs are undertaken, we attempt to have all visitors (e.g. computer technicians) undertake their tasks either before or after the high security job is scheduled to be printed, or
  • visitors are accompanied by a staff member at all times when a high security job is being produced.
  • If you request it, we can also require our staff to sign in and sign out.

Production blackouts

  • Jobs that require the highest level of security are printed, finished and packaged at night.
  • This ensures that no people other than those undertaking the work see anything related to the job.

Other requirements

If you need us to undertake any additional security procedures, such as have one of your staff present during the printing process, we will attempt to accommodate your requirements.