Full colour

We are full colour printers. These days the difference in the cost of full colour printing compared to two colour or black and white printing is not great. We use state-of-the-art equipment, operated by highly experienced staff to produce quality full colour printing. We only offer black and white printing for the text pages (inside pages) of books and booklets and on the reverse pages or inside pages of flyers and cards.

Why full colour printing?…Quality

Our own experience tells us that full colour printing spells QUALITY.

If you receive a black and white flyer or a two colour brochure in the mail or in your post office box, it screams CHEAP. Full colour flyers and brochures attract your attention and spell QUALITY. When did you last see a black and white printed box in your supermarket trolley, or a black and white advertising hoarding? Colour attracts attention.


Full colour printing is now affordable. Thanks to advances in both digital and offset printing, full colour printing is no longer restricted to long production runs. Now full colour is affordable even if you need a run of just a few copies.


Studies reveal that the use of colour can increase readership by 40% or more. One study showed a 65% increase in the retention of material when full colour was used instead of black and white.

Technical Details

A bit of techno-speak. Digital presses use a very fine dot structure — far finer than conventional black and white digital and offset presses. Digital presses have a wider gamut which enables them to print deeper, richer blacks, and more delicate greys. So it you want the best possible reproduction for your black and white jobs, use our full colour digital press!