Calendar Printing

Our staff have been producing calendars for over twelve years. We know the ‘formula’ that works! Kainos Print offers three kinds of calendars — a smaller A4 calendar, a larger A3 calendar and a single page fridge magnet calendar. You can click on any one below and go straight to the product page.


Supply your own complete art work, or just your photos. If you don’t have photos, then use ours! If you don’t have your own art work with dates, we will make up your calendar for you using our template at no additional charge.

We have developed a standard date format which we have found to be popular and which seems to encourage people who have our calendars to make use of them throughout the entire year. The data pages have large squares for you to write important information in (birthdays, appointments etc.). We also include school holiday dates for all Australian States and territories, and a variety of other information. Click here to see a sample month of our calendar design.

We make our standard date pages freely available to our customers. If you supply the photographs and captions, we will place them at no additional charge in our standard calendar template. If you provide advertising material such as sponsor’s logos or messages in a form that can be placed in the calendar, we will place them at no additional charge. We have left space at the top of the date pages for this purpose. We will also add details of any special events you may want us to include in the appropriate dates.

Photo Gallery

If you don’t have your own photographs, we have prepared a library of photographs you can use in your calendar. Click here to go to the library.  You can make up your own calendar using our photographs, or a mixture of ours and yours.

There are more details on the photo library page.

It is possible to buy high quality images on just about any subject under the sun from stock photo library such as shutter stock (


A4 and A3 calendars can be ordered in quantities from ten to 5000. Fridge magnet calendars can be ordered in quantities of 250 to 25,000.

Calendar sizes explained

The folded, finished size of an A4 calendar is A4 — 210x297mm. A4 calendars consist of 24 pages plus a 4 page cover, all printed in full colour on both sides of the paper. The calendar is printed two pages per side on six A3 sheets for the internal pages, and one A3 sheet for the cover. The sheets are collated, folded, saddle stitched (two staples at the fold), and have a hole drilled at the fore edge for hanging. They are made to be viewed in a landscape format. When hanging, two A4 pages are on display, so the size when hanging is 297mm wide and 420mm deep. The internal pages of the calendar contain twelve pages of photographs and twelve pages of date information, arranged so the photograph is at the top, and the dates at the bottom. The cover would normally have a photograph and title on the outside front page.

Using extra pages in A4 calendars

You can use the back of the calendar for whatever you want. In the absence of any instructions, we will put thumbnails of the 12 monthly images on the back. You can use the inside front cover and the first internal page for credits, sponsors messages, etc. You can also use these two additional pages to make the calendar a 13 month calendar if you wish. Another use of one of the two extra pages is to put on one page a 12 month calendar for the following year. You can supply one (they are freely available on the internet) or we can supply one for you. 

A3 calendars

Our A3 calendars consist of a 12 page portrait or landscape booklet plus a front and back cover. The calendar is printed on one side only of 12 A3 sheets plus one side only on the heavier front cover sheet. The main section can be printed on 150 or 170gsm satin or gloss paper and is printed on one side only. The front cover is printed on one side only on 310gsm Artboard. The back consists of unprinted 310gsm Artboard. Calendars are wiro bound at the top with a calendar hanger in the middle and a thumb cut. When hung, the image would normally be at the top, and the dates at the bottom of the A3 page and the size for a portrait format calendar would be 297mm wide and 420mm deep. The front cover would normally have a photograph and title. A3 calendars are more expensive than A4 calendars but offer more flexibility in design. We can always quote for variations from our standard A3 calendar format. If you would like a custom quote, click here and fill out the custom quote request form.

Paper Types

We offer 130gsm satin and gloss, and 150gsm satin and gloss for the text pages of our A4 calendars, and 250gsm satin or gloss for the covers. We offer heavier 150 and 170gsm satin and gloss and a 310gsm Artboard cover for our A3 calendars. The heavier stock for A3 calendars is necessary to prevent the paper from curling during the year.

Fridge Magnets

Our fridge magnet calendar has a 12 month calendar on the bottom half, and room for you to have whatever you want on the top half. Send us the image and text (preferably a PDF document 85x70mm), we’ll place it and send you a proof of what we have done.

Specialised Calendars

If we are asked to perform work that goes beyond what we undertake to do at no cost above, we may need to quote for the cost of performing the work. This will also slow down the production of the calendar. Such work might include changing our date template, foreign language work, typesetting advertisements and removing events from the calendar template.

Photographs should be 300dpi at the final placed size. Ideally they should be converted to CMYK from RGB, but if this is a problem, we will do it for you. You need to decide if you want your photos to print right to the edge of the page or to have some white space around them. If the latter, then you need to decide if you want a border around the photos. Please let us know what you want when placing your order.


We offer matt or gloss celloglaze on the outside of covers to add impact to your calendars.

Should I choose celloglazing for the cover of my calendar?

Celloglazing is a process whereby a very thin clear film is laid over the printed piece and adhered to it by a combination of heat and pressure.

Celloglazing the outside cover of calendars greatly enhances the appearance of the calendar from a sales point of view. However once a calendar is in use, the celloglazed cover is unlikely to be seen for the rest of the year.

Gloss celloglazing gives the calendar a high gloss, shiny, reflective finish. A matt celloglaze gives the calendar a very elegant, satin, dull finish. A calendar that will compete with others on a stand in a newsagent would benefit from a gloss celloglaze. A calendar produced by a professional photographer to be handed out to clients, or sold as a premium product over the internet would benefit from a matt celloglaze.

Gloss celloglazing produces a vastly more glossy result from the result you will obtain by simply selecting gloss stock for the cover. Small calendar orders — up to around 750 copies — are printed digitally — a method of printing that is far more economical for small orders than the traditional offset method of printing. Different digital presses produce different results for various different reasons. Some presses use a silicon oil on the printed part of a page which gives a very shiny look. In our (long!) experience, the oil can be unevenly distributed, or dry up altogether, making for an uneven and streaky amount of gloss. Other presses, those used by Kainos Print included, incorporate a wax into the toner. The wax is much more reliable and produces an even, satin finish.

White paper on producing your own calendar for promotional, fund raising and gift purposes

Andrew Hingeley of Kainos Print has written a white paper on producing your own calendar. A well designed calendar which follows a few basic rules is an unbeatable promotional or fund raising tool. Your message is in front of the calendar user potentially every day of the year. Kainos Print makes it easy for you to produce a quality calendar. If you have the time, by all means do all the work yourself. If you don’t have the time, then let us do the work for you. Because we use both digital and offset presses, we can print in quantities from ten to tens of thousands. Click here to download the calendar white paper (PDF).

Help and advice on putting your calendar together

Kainos Print is committed to customer education. We realise that some of our customers are experts, but some are worried that their lack of knowledge and experience will mean their project won’t turn out they way they want. We have made a considerable range of resources available on our web site to help all our customers. Click here to access these resources. In particular, we have created a page specifically designed to help you prepare your files for successful, quality printing. Click here to access the ‘how to prepare your files’ page.

If you can’t find the product you want on our web site, click here to go to our custom quote request from where you can provide us with details and ask for a quote for any kind of printed product.

If you don’t have the time, the confidence, the ability or the software to design your own calendars, Kainos Print offers a top flight design service. We use a highly experienced designer, Dragan Djuric, who has done a considerable amount of excellent design work over many years for Kainos Print staff members. You can see Dragan’s design portfolio for yourself by clicking here. Our design rates are extremely competitive, and our turnaround is extremely fast. You will find instructions for using our design service and indicative pricing when you visit Dragan’s portfolio page.