We guarantee our work

Our work is guaranteed. If we screw up, we will reprint your job or issue a refund.

If your final print job does not match the copy of the proof which you approved, then we will reprint your job from the your original file at no charge. If you prefer, however, we will give you a refund (excluding the cost of the proof).

If we print something incorrectly and it is our fault, we won’t argue and try to shift the blame. Simply email us for return instructions. When we get your job back, we will reprint it at no cost to you, from your original file. If you want to substitute a new file, or want us to make changes to the original file, extra charges will apply. Our policy where we asked to reprint from a new file is to charge 60% of the original price.

This guarantee is valid for up to thirty days from the date of dispatch of your original job.

Please check out our ‘Preparing your files’ section to make sure you avoid common traps.

See how we work hard to avoid mistakes on our Peace of mind page.