About us

Kainos Print is a premier Australian-based online printer. We offer the following services.

  • Instant online pricing and ordering.
  • A comprehensive variety of products.
  • Highest quality offset and digital printing (this means we can print just a few to tens of thousands).
  • Fast turnaround of quotes, proofs and orders.
  • Some of the most experienced staff in Australia.

Printing excellence

Kainos Print is dedicated to the pursuit of printing excellence. We use advanced equipment, operated by highly skilled and experienced craftspeople to achieve highest quality results.

Deadlines – we know what they mean

Printing is a deadline driven industry. If you say you want your job by a certain time, there will be a good reason for it — for instance you are flying out the following day, getting married the following week. We are committed to meeting your deadlines, and our business is organised around people and equipment who by habit take hours and days to do what many printers take days and weeks to achieve.


We adopt new technology quickly if we can see that it will benefit our customers. We keep away from technology for technology’s sake. We haunt trade shows, subscribe to numerous online and hard copy trade discussion groups and journals and read voraciously to keep on top of developments in the trade.

Our website was developed in-house by a world class computer engineer and is, we believe, Australia’s most user-friendly online printing website.

Our backend database software is designed to automate as many backend office tasks as possible, enabling us to respond to you quickly and accurately and put most of our time into dealing with your jobs.

Andrew Hingeley’s personal blog

Andrew Hingeley has been involved with Kainos Print since its inception in 2005. He is the first point of contact for our customers, so if you are a regular customer of Kainos Print, you have no doubt had plenty of contact with him. Amongst other things, he has been an ordained Anglican minister since 1985, and he has a deep interest in Christianity, informed by a lifetime of study and experience. He has long pondered starting up a personal blog, and has now taken the plunge. If you visit the blog, hopefully you will find it interesting, informative, and perhaps even challenging.

Visit Andrew’s personal blog here.