Easy to use

We have done our level best to ensure our web site is easy to use, and our processes are user friendly.

Easy to use website

This is an easy website to navigate around – the products and resources are always directly available in menus, the prices are always on the left of each product page, and our logo is at the top of almost every page so you can always return ‘home’ or contact us. Products, resources and pricing remain visible and easily accessible no matter how far you need to scroll down a page. Wherever it seems appropriate, pages will open up in a separate window as an aid to navigation. You can easily have more than one product page open at once to compare prices. We have tried to make the ordering process a simple, logical, sequential process.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, please send us an e-mail. You’ll find us responsive in making appropriate changes to the site.

Easy to use step-by-step ordering process

The product pages make it easy for you to find out how much your job will cost, easy for you to select the options you want, easy to order what you want, easy for you to upload your file, easy to choose the type of proof you want, and easy for you to pay. You can place an order from start to finish in a couple of minutes.

Easy, undemanding file requirements

Unlike many printers, we try to make life as easy as possible for you with regard to the kind of files you submit for printing. We accept Microsoft Publisher, Word and PowerPoint files, CorelDraw files, and virtually any file format in common use. We provide comprehensive educational guidelines on our web site to help you obtain the best possible results, and we are generous with advice if you submit files to us for checking before submitting a job. The majority of our customers are not experts in using software for publishing, but we are, and we use our expertise to make your life easier.

Easy to use proofing process

Like most printers, we give you a proof for you to check. We direct you to a URL on our web site which gives you an extensive checklist to help you look for common errors that might be lurking in your job. Once you have checked your proof, you sign it off online. There is no need to fax an approval form.

Easy to use delivery

When we send your job on its way we email you with a consignment note and a ‘track and trace’ web page so you can track your job online.