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"St Marks" FlyerFlyers are one of the most popular products we offer. Flyers go by many different names — flyers, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, promo sheets, fact sheets, rack cards etc. Whatever you’re in need of, choose Kainos Print — the leading provider of flyer printing services in Australia.

The six different size of flyers we offer are as follows.

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Colour Options

Flyers are always printed in full colour on the front. On the back (or the inside), they can be full colour, black and white, or they can be blank.


We can supply flyers flat or folded. The various folding options are illustrated on our various flyer product pages. Most flyers are folded. Flyers printed on 170gsm stock or higher will be scored if necessary to prevent cracking before folding. Scoring involves putting a mechanical indentation at the point of the fold, rather like placing a steel ruler and giving it a light tap with a hammer. This ensures that the fold in clean and ink or toner will not crack.

A4 and A3 flyers can be folded in half, or in three — either roll folded or Z folded.

"Good News Great Joy" FlyerDL flyers are sometimes known as rack cards. They are ideal for placing in the racks commonly used in motel, hotel and other hospitality establishment reception areas. DL flyers are supplied flat. DL flyers are sometimes used as greeting cards, so we have made them available in 300gsm gloss or satin.

Responding to popular demand, we have included what we have called a ‘double DL’ format. These flyers would normally be folded once from 198x210mm to 99x210mm (DL). They are also ideal for hospitality industry racks.

A5 flyers are another popular format. These would normally be supplied flat, but could be folded in half. A5 flyers can also be used as greeting cards, so we have made them available in 300gsm gloss or satin.

A very popular format that bridges the gap between single sheet flyers and multi sheet flyers which we offer as booklets, is the six page A4 flyer. The unfolded size of the 6 page A4 flyer is 630x297mm. They are always folded in three — usually roll folded, but you could choose a Z fold. Because of the length of 6 page A4 flyers, they cannot be printed on a conventional digital press. We are pleased to be able to offer smaller quantities of these flyers which are printed on a specially modified digital press.

Multiple designs for the cost of the total ordered

Wherever possible we offer to print more than one design for the cost of the total number ordered. For instance, you could order 250 each of four different designs of A4 flyers, and pay the 1000 A4 flyer rate. Our capacity to offer this benefit has some limitations, based on the presses we use to print the flyers. These limitations are explained below.

A4 and double DL flyers. You can have up a more or less unlimited number of designs, single or double sided in any combination (quantities do not have to be equal), provided the total does not exceed 1000 flyers. For quantities over 1000 flyers, you can have equal quantities of two single sided A4 or double DL flyers.

A3 flyers. We can offer this benefit for quantities up to 500 flyers. We can’t offer this benefit for 500 or more A3 flyers.

"Bellissima" FlyerDL flyers. You can have up a more or less unlimited number of designs single sided or double sided in any combination (quantities do not have to be equal), provided the total does not exceed 2500. For quantities over 2500, you can have equal numbers of six single sided designs or three double sided designs.

A5 flyers. You can have a more or less unlimited number of designs, either single sided or double sided in any combination (quantities do not have to be equal), provided the total does not exceed 2000 flyers. For quantities over 2000 you can have equal quantities of two double sided or four single sided designs.

Six page A4 flyers. You can have as many designs as you like for quantities up to and including 500 flyers. For quantities over 500 copies in total, we can’t offer multiple designs for the cost of the total ordered.

Click here to go to our booklets section if your flyer requires more than one sheet of paper.

Help and advice on putting your flyer together

Kainos Print is committed to customer education. We realise that some of our customers are experts, but some are worried that their lack of knowledge and experience will mean their project won’t turn out they way they want. We have made available a considerable range of resources on our web site to help all our customers. Click here to access these resources. In particular, we have created a page specifically designed to help you prepare your files for successful, quality printing. Click here to access the ‘how to prepare your files’ page.

If you don’t have the time, the confidence, the ability or the software to design your own flyers, Kainos Print offers a top flight design service. We use a highly experienced designer, Dragan Djuric, who has done a considerable amount of excellent design work over many years for Kainos Print. You can see Dragan’s design portfolio for yourself by clicking here. Our design rates are extremely competitive, and our turnaround is extremely fast. You will find instructions for using our design service and indicative pricing when you visit Dragan’s portfolio page.

Our coating options

We offer a gloss or matt varnish or celloglaze on the front of all our flyers which adds protection, impact and professionalism to your work Click here to learn more about our coating options.

If you can’t find the product you want on our web site, click here to go to our custom quote request from where you can provide us with details and ask for a quote for any kind of printed product.

Paper styles and weights

"Jewellers Association" FlyerYou can choose from a wide choice of paper styles and weights. We offer 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm uncoated stocks, and all the following weights in both satin and gloss — 130gsm, 150gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm and in some cases 300gsm and 310gsm. Click here to go to our paper descriptions and advice page to learn more about the papers we offer, and what considerations should guide you choice of papers.

Over the years, Kainos Print staff members have produced millions of full colour flyers. Here are some ideas gleaned from that experience.

  • Colourful newsletters for clubs, government departments and organisations,
  • information sheets to parents from schools,
  • promotions for cities, regions, resorts and adventure holiday businesses,
  • product brochures and fact sheets,
  • special event promotions,
  • regional maps for tourist authorities,
  • corporate information bulletins,
  • price lists and price ready reckoners for businesses,
  • community information sheets for local councils,
  • detailed product information,
  • gift vouchers for shops,
  • menus for restaurants,
  • promotional material for estate agents, and
  • certificates and awards for schools and universities