Print on demand and save

Digital printing is the ideal printing medium to enable you to ‘print on demand’. Because you can economically print very small quantities — just one if you want — you only ever need to print what you need.

If you adopt the traditional approach where your print run is determined as much by supposed ‘economies of scale’ rather than what you really need, there will be a number of ‘hidden’ costs which you might not have considered. For instance, you will almost certainly have obsolete stock taking up valuable storage space. The obsolete stock will eventually have to be disposed of, and you may have been providing out of date information as your large print run came to the end of its life with the result that you were perhaps missing out on sales. You may be incurring warehousing costs and additional staff costs. You may even have a stock control module on your MIS system that you don’t really need. You may have capital tied up in dead stock.

Print on demand could also be called

  • just in time printing,
  • just at the right time printing,
  • just the right amount printing,
  • print when you need it printing,
  • no surplus stock printing,
  • sell first then print printing,
  • no superseded stock printing,
  • no need to warehouse printing,
  • keep your money in the bank and not on the shelf printing, and
  • only the most up-to-date printed matter printing.

In today‘s rapidly changing business environment, it makes sense to stay as close as you can to the market.

  • If there is a change in the law, your printed materials should reflect that change.
  • If there is an improvement to the specifications in of your machinery, your publicity material should immediately incorporate that information.
  • If you delete products from your range, or add new products, those changes should be reflected immediately in your sales collateral.
  • If you print smaller quantities of your material digitally, you can supply new files, or we can make changes to existing files and print new, up-tp-date material for you within days, even hours, of the changes coming into effect.

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