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BOOKS, Our First Love

We live and breathe books. Use our unique experience for your advantage. We have a combined 40 years experience as booksellers, managing bookshops for the major chains, as well as owning our own bookshop. This experience has taught us a thing or two about what makes a book sell. We have also had countless years of experience operating printing businesses. We are uniquely placed, most likely in the whole of Australia, to bring these two streams of experience together for your benefit. For instance, we can give marketing advice — how do you get a bookseller’s attention? We can save you from embarrassing editorial gaffes. We can advise on layout. We can help you turn your hard copy book into a eBook. All this in addition to delivering a top quality book at a great price. See our book printing page or visit our new book printing site to see some of the books we have printed recently.