Quality printing

Our aim is NOT to produce printing at the lowest price no matter what. Our aim is to produce top quality printing, delivered on time, at a competitive price.

Printing excellence

Kainos Print is dedicated to the pursuit of printing excellence. We set up this business because we have a passion for excellence. We are not so much technicians using computerised equipment, as craftsmen and craftswomen passionate about a cause.

We use advanced equipment to achieve highest quality output and we have the skills and vast experience needed use these machines.

A computer programme has been especially created for Kainos Print. The computer programme displays to all staff the stage of production where each job is at, and the date by which the job is to be completed. This information assists each staff member in better organising his or her day/week so as to be able to produce quality products in a timely manner.

Over the years we have been producing high quality work, procedures have been developed, some of which might seem trivial, to ensure that only quality material ever goes out through our doors. Some of the procedures include ‘creep allowed for’, ‘have corrections caused job to reflow’, ‘number of copies matches order’, ‘printed pages match signed off proof’, ‘folds accurately’, and ‘job signed off by director before dispatch’.

Careful attention is paid to packaging so that printed material is not scuffed during the dispatch process (e.g. damage can be caused by merely squashing too many items into a box) or during transit.

Stringent and frequent quality checks

Your job will not proceed from one stage of our production process to the next stage until it meets the strict quality control checks that apply to that particular stage.

At each stage of production, each item on our quality control check list must be signed-off by the operator, who is accountable for their work.

We make a final check against the proof that you have approved immediately prior to dispatch. If the final print job is not the same as your proof, then we will not dispatch your job to you.

Deadlines – we know what they mean

Customers have deadlines for one reason — they need their job on that date! Many printers do not understand that simple fact, so they give ‘guidelines’ as to when the job will be done. Kainos Print is committed to meeting your deadlines.

We guarantee our work

Our work is guaranteed. If we screw up, you won’t be in any way disadvantaged. If we print something incorrectly and it is our fault, we won’t argue and try to shift the blame. Simply email us for return instructions. When we get your job back, we will reprint it at no cost to you, from your original file. Click here to learn more about our comprehensive guarantee.

Read what our customers say about us

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