Convenient, quick and easy!

We set up Kainos Print to make highest quality full colour printing available to any person or any business, anywhere in Australia wanting professional quality full colour printing. All you need is an internet connection.

You can arrange everything that is needed from the convenience of your own desk. Restricting yourself to doing business during business hours is a thing of the past. You do business with us at your convenience.

You can place your orders whenever it suits you. In fact our experience has been that most of our business arrives electronically out of normal business hours. We often respond to it out of normal business hours too!

We often send your proof electronically out of business hours, and they are usually signed off in the evenings, such is the convenience of the internet.

You are advised by email when your job has been dispatched, and we give you a URL so you can ‘track and trace’ the progress of your delivery.

If you are having a catalogue printed, we can arrange to bag them, print the delivery addresses and deliver them to the post office for you.