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(68 pages or more, as few as three copies) — A4 books (210x297mm), A5 books (148x210mm)

(8 to 64 pages, as few as ten copies) — A4 booklets (210x297mm), A5 booklets (148x210mm), DL booklets (99x210mm)

Greeting cards (250x175mm), Greeting Cards (210x99mm),

A4 calendars (210x297mm), A3 calendars (420x297mm)

A4 duplicate, A4 triplicate, A5 duplicate, A5 triplicate

A4 flyers (210x297mm), A3 flyers (420x297mm), A5 flyers (148x210mm), DL flyers (99x210mm), Double DL flyers (198x210mm), 6 page A4 flyers (630x297mm)

Business cards (90x55mm),

Standard postcards (150x100mm), Jumbo postcards (175x125mm), DL Postcards (99x210mm),

Standard bookmarks (40x150mm), Jumbo bookmarks (50x200mm)

A4 digitally printed posters (210x297mm), A3 digitally printed posters (420x297mm), A2 digitally printed posters (594x4120mm), A2 inkjet printed posters (420x594mm), A1 inkjet printed posters (594x840mm), A0 inkjet printed posters (840x1188mm).

A4 letterhead (210x297mm), A4 letterhead and DL Envelopes, DL With Compliments (99x210mm), A5 With Compliments (148x210mm), Business Cards (90x55mm)

Presentation folders, available in quantities from ten upwards.

Labels in boxes of 100 sheets, 39 different sizes.

Fridge magnets in 17 different sizes


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