Business cards hints


Business cards can be ordered in any quantity from 100 to 25,000. You can have up to 10 individual names for no additional charge. For instance, if you choose 500 cards, you could have five lots of 100 or 10 lots of 50. Business cards can be printed on one side only, or both sides, with the second side in colour or black and white. Use as much colour as you like. We print everything in full colour, so make use of it — it won’t cost any more!


Our standard business card size is 55x90mm. We can print smaller sizes, but the price would be the same as for 55x90mm cards. Your cards can be either portrait or landscape. Please set up your file to this size (or 60x95mm if you need bleeds which are explained in the last paragraph). Do not put a business card in the middle of an A4 or any other sized page.

Setting up your file

Please supply your files ‘one up’. In other words, don’t put more than one card on the page.

If your card has a back, please make the front of the card page one in your file, and the back page two.

If you have more than one card, make page three in your file the front of the second card, and page four the back, and so on. However if the back is generic — the same for all cards — make it the last page in the file, but be sure to tell us.

If your card prints right to the edge, you need to understand all about bleeds. If you don’t understand what we mean by bleeds, and how to create them, click here to find out. Please don’t ignore this important area of design.

We prefer to be supplied with high resolution PDF files. If you want to supply your files in another format, please ensure that any unusual fonts are also supplied. This is generally not necessary if you have used Photoshop, but is necessary if you use Illustrator.

Help and advice on putting your files together

Kainos Print is committed to customer education. We realise that some of our customers are experts, but some are worried that their lack of knowledge and experience will mean their project won’t turn out they way they want. We have made a considerable range of resources available on our web site to help all our customers. Click here to access these resources. In particular, we have created a page specifically designed to help you prepare your files for successful, quality printing. Click here to access the ‘how to prepare your files’ page.