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  • Is the job colour, black and white or a mixture? If a mixture, approximate percentage of pages in colour?
  • Is the job printed on one side or both?
  • Dimensions of job (A4, A5 etc.)
  • Type of paper (e.g. uncoated, gloss, matt)
  • Paper weight (from 90gsm to 360gsm)
  • Paper weights for covers and internal pages for books and booklets
  • How is the job to be folded (no fold, one fold, two folds etc.)?
  • If a book or a booklet, how is the job to be bound (saddle stitched, perfect bound, case bound etc.)?
  • Is the job to be varnished or celloglazed?
  • Do you want a PDF proof (no charge) or a hard copy proof (extra cost)?
  • Any different options you require
  • When you anticipate having this job printed?
Production Speed

Dispatched no later than the 5th trading day after proof approval. Complex jobs may take longer.


Dispatched no later than the 4th trading day after proof approval. Complex jobs may take longer.


Dispatched no later than the 3rd trading day after proof approval. Complex jobs may take longer.

Super Urgent

Dispatched no later than the 2nd trading day after proof approval. Complex jobs may take longer.

Delivery Method

Delivery rates are for Australian addresses only

Economy Service

Delivery 1 to 5 days from dispatch. We use Star Track Express who deliver next day to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and up to five days to remote locations.

Premium Service

Delivery the morning following dispatch to most locations.

What postcode will this job be delivered to?

Proof options
PDF file for you to download?

If you have Adobe’s Acrobat Reader we can proof your job via Acrobat PDF. This will give you a very accurate view of your job. You will receive an email with a URL to visit to download your proof.

Hard copy via Express Courier?

If you would like a printed copy as a proof, we will dispatch it via StarTrack Express. Please be aware that the time taken to deliver your proof will affect your deadline.

File transfer method

You can use this part of the form to send files to assist us in preparing your quote.

Please read our hints and tips on preparing files for transfer

Before transferring files, please put all the relevant files in one directory or folder. Name the folder with your company name and use WinZip on a PC or Stuffit on a Mac to compress the files.

There are three ways you can send us your files. If your compressed files are less than 5Mb, simply email the files to us at quotes@kainosprint.com.au. You can upload your files using the upload facility below, or burn your files to CD and post them to us.

I am e-mailing my compressed file to you at quotes @ kainosprint.com.au
I am uploading my file Use the facility below to select the compressed FILE or FOLDER to upload from your computer
I will burn my files to CD and send them to you KainosPrint.com.au
PO Box 311
Calwell ACT 2905
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Please download my file(s) Please specify file location(s)
Exact reprint of previous job Please specify Job Number
We will use the digital files used to print your previous job.
However we still need to know your order details, so please specify the details in the table above.
Reprint of previous job with changes. Please specify Job Number
Changes will be made, if possible, using the digital files used to print your previous job
Please e-mail (jobs @ kainosprint.com.au) or fax (02 6292 3514) your corrections to us after placing your order.
Click here to see our standard rates for changes and corrections
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